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Environmental protection, recovery and enhancement projects
Restoration of the rural landscape, landscape design, implementation of integrated land management plans aimed at both public and private entities (e.g. consolidation of production assets with reference to eco-compatibility, hydrogeological risk, product labeling, promotion, etc. .).
Landscape enhancement projects
Landscape enhancement and promotion projects by strengthening the link between local landscape and local products. This service is mainly aimed at public bodies (municipalities, union of municipalities, …) and consortia for the protection of typical products.
Support services for landscape applications to international programs
technical support for the preparation of the application dossier or for the drafting of landscape management plans to be included or already included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and in the FAO GIAHS (Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems) project.
Landscape restoration
Planning of the company territory to improve the tourist offer and increase the added value of traditional productions. This service is mainly aimed at medium-large agricultural enterprises and foundations.